Colin Prothero is an architectural designer and artist operating out of Los Angeles who recently graduated with a Masters in Architecture from the University of California Los Angeles (2011). Prior to UCLA Colin received a dual four year degree in Economics and Art at the University of California San Diego (2006). In the two years between his studies Colin worked extensively and created artwork with ACEcollaborations as well as working within the team of backdrop painters for Eleanor Antin's Plasir d'Armour (After Couture) and Judgement of Paris (after Reubens) prints.

Colin has received numerous awards for design and artistic excellence, including the Best in Show honors at UCSD's inaugural senior show Implosionville (2006). His work has been exhibited at national and international events including the Annex Gallery (2005, 2006), Multi-Cultural Center Tijuana (2006), Exit Routes: San Diego (2006), Exit Routes: Baltimore (2006), Exit Routes: Anaheim (2007), Voz Altoz (2007), Luiz Valazquez (2007), Occupation @ Workspace (2007), and the Currents Exhibitions (2009, 2011). His work has been published in See-Saw Art Magazine (2006), San Diego City Beat (2006, 2007), San Diego Tribune (2007), and Historical Takes: Eleanor Antin (2007).

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This site is a portfolio of work created between 2006 and 2010.

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