UCLA 2011 | Instructor: Kivi Sotamaa | Collaborators: Nousha Emami, Seb Zecchetto

Voluminous focuses on a design process which enables the scripted panelization of a building form and instrumentalization of analytical data, in this instance solar gain analysis. Voluminous works to uncover the technical and artistic potential of a design process which involves an intelligent feedback loop from digital analysis or simulation with the aim of creating a new type of responsive building skin.

Specifically, Voluminous was designed within the constraints of a digital fabrication process called push forming, in which an industrial robot presses a sheet of metal against a computer guided piston field in order to form a mold which can be used for injection molding UPM Profi - a recycled paper composite.

Voluminous' design deals with the inherent properties of injection molding, namely that of easily attainable, variable thickness. With this aspect of the technology Voluminous can react to solar gain (through grasshopper panelization software) to allocate the thickest panels to locations of most sunlight exposure. This combined with the variable light transmittance designed within each panel, creates a unique experience where light and skin system begin to create a voluminous object.

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