UCLA 2009 | Instructor: Kivi Sotamaa | Collaborators: Stephen Baron, Patrick Mobley, Alex Mason

For Rizor the focus was on an exploration of multimedia, technology, material, and phenomenology. Instead of focusing on a single material or manufacturing technology Rizor sought to combine a multiplicity of technologies and materials into a sensible electro-material object we affectionately dubbed an EMO.

With Rizor we sought to seamlessly integrate all areas of exploration into a cohesive whole, as opposed to an assemblage of parts creating an object with the ability to emote and interact with its surroundings. Specifically we wanted Rizor to be an object capable of seduction. We wanted rizor to seduce through a combination of lighting and sound effects, then further seduce by reacting in a kinetic manner to the proximity of its users.

To create this immediate sensation we utilized several available manufacturing techniques such as: 3D printing, lasercutting, milling, and vacuum forming as well as thorough use of computer controlled robotic movement, LED lighting and interactive sensor technologies.

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