Techtronic Congruence
UCLA 2010 | Instructor: Mark Mack

Techtronic Congruence is a speculative research project on the current state of public space in America and potential interventions.

We need to come to terms and recognize society has radically shifted. In our new, information rich world, the wealth of information means a dearth of something else: that which information consumes. What information consumes is the attention of its recipients. When there are millions of books, millions of songs, millions of films, millions of applications. millions of everything requesting our attention - and most of it for free - being found is valuable.

The new product of consumption must now be based on different qualities: immediacy, personalization, authenticity, accessibility, embodiment, patronage, and findability.

We must merge the two notions of public, that of the historical with that of the contemporary to help localize this consumption of new information.

With this project I created a wi-fi internet station, one that is not connected to the worldwide web, but to the local web, namely those people that are within range of the station.

This will reintegrate our historical ideas of public: the soap box, the community bulletin board, the town sign, with our new public: the viral video, the emoticon, the blog. This station will filter out the over abundance of irrelevant material and inscribe our new methods of information gathering into our historical notion of public space.